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My New Book Title Is …

Recently I announced some exciting news in my reader’s club about my forthcoming thrillers. 

As most of you will know by now, I have not one but TWO more new releases this year. (I am half human – half wonder woman in case you didn’t know.) I’m excited to announce that My Thomas & Mercer book is on pre-release now, with a publication date of 20th December. I’m so stoked about this book, as it’s my first full-on psychological thriller. I’ve just finished the last of the edits so I can now reveal that the name is WITNESS.

My Readers will know that I love nothing better than getting into the minds of my characters, and WITNESS is going to take them to some very dark places indeed. Here is a snippet of what is to come:

What would you do if a killer forced you to become a silent witness?

Rebecca Walker lives the perfect life with her husband Sean and four-year-old daughter in a sleepy Welsh village. But as she discovers a mobile phone ringing from under her bed, her world collapses around her.

Ten years previously, she gave evidence in a murder trial. The killer was her fiancé. And now he is free. She discovers a chilling message. She must witness one crime for every year of his ten-year sentence, or her new family will pay the price for her betrayal. 

WITNESS is a gripping psychological thriller about a woman who is forced to become an onlooker for ten brutal crimes, for which she must choose the victims. 

I have used my personal experiences in safeguarding high risk victims of domestic abuse to explore the fractured relationship of Rebecca and her ex Solomon, which is as much about manipulation and control as physical violence itself. If you are a blogger and are interested in joining my review team, please join my reader’s club and let me know. 

Other Book News

On another note, I’m finalising the edits for the first in my DS Ruby Preston series.

The name is to be announced, and the fantastic team at Bookouture are currently working on the cover, so watch this space! Set in Hackney, Ruby Preston works in the offices of Shoreditch Serious Crime. She is a thoroughly likeable character, with too many bad habits to name – the main one being her ex-love, gangster Nathan Crosby, a face from the past she cannot let go. The series starts off with a bang, as a serial killer stalks the streets of Hackney, coming a little too close to Ruby’s door. This is also due for release on pre-order very soon, and for sale this October. 


I’ve also had my website revamped and am over the moon with it. Phew! It’s all go here! I guess I should get back to work …

Well, that’s all for now, thank you again for all your support, I love hearing from my readers, and your tweets and Facebook shares are much appreciated. Stay tuned for future competitions in my reader’s club, in which I’ll be giving away signed copies of my latest offerings. If you’d like to join, please click here. It takes just seconds, and you may win some goodies! 

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    1. Thanks Rachel, I’m expecting a peek at the covers for the first time any day now, so I’m a wee bit excited, to say the least!

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