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Silent Victim Hits Amazon #1

Silent Victim hits Amazon #1

I am thrilled to announce that my new psychological thriller, Silent Victim has hit the number one spot in Amazon UK, US and Australia, making it a global bestseller. All of this before the book’s official release on 1st March. Ever since I began writing, I dreamed about hitting the number one spot. I can hardly believe that I’ve done it globally, and am so grateful to be working with my terrific publishers Thomas & Mercer, and my agent Madeleine Milburn, who have made my book the very best it can be.


I love hearing from readers and this week has been amazing. I’ve received many positive messages from people across the globe who have found my work for the first time. I’ve also been fortunate to hear from several professionals in the field with regards my portrayal of vulnerable victims and the teacher/grooming storyline in Silent Victim. I take such storylines very seriously and draw upon my own experiences of dealing with vulnerable victims in the police. But it is so comforting to hear from others who praise you for a job well done.

Launch Day

I hope you will join me to celebrate my official launch day on 1st March when I will be giving away a signed hardback copy of Silent Victim to celebrate. To be in with a chance of winning, simply join my free reader’s club here. If you can’t wait until 1st March to grab a copy, then you can download it this month for just 99p as part of the UK Kindle First / US First Reads promo, or if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can download it for free this month. Thank you so much to everyone who has read, shared and reviewed my book. I truly appreciate your support.

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    1. Hi Marian, it’s out in audio, kindle and hardback now and the paperback is due out in August this year. Please feel free to join my newsletter to be kept updated of new releases and discounts.

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