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Silent Victim Publication Day

Silent Victim Publication Day

I’m thrilled to announce that Silent Victim has launched today. It’s the first time I’ve had a number one best seller in the whole of the US, UK and Australia – and that’s before the book officially launched! After writing ten books, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever reach No.1 in the charts. It’s incredibly tough these days with such fantastic talent out there. Both my agent and publishers Thomas & Mercer have been such a huge support. I’m also grateful to my readers and book reviewers for spreading the word. With over seven hundred five star reviews under its belt, Silent Victim has had the very best start today.

Here’s what my editor had to say about Silent Victim:

For Emma, life couldn’t be better. Together with her husband, Alex, and their four-year-old son, she has the perfect family. But there is a terrible secret lurking in Emma’s past, and it’s clawing to break free: Emma is a murderer.

Nevertheless, her story and the endearing compassion she shows for her loved ones drew me in completely. I thought I could trust her, that she was a good person at heart—despite her admission from the first page that she killed her manipulative schoolteacher, who seduced her at the age of fifteen. Although Emma gets her revenge, Caroline Mitchell’s intricately drawn hints of suspicion made me feel that there was something hidden from view. A truth even more sinister than I thought—and one that made me doubt who the victim really was until the last page.

As a former detective who investigated violent crimes, Mitchell is no stranger to the most depraved elements of human nature—that much is clear in this Gone Girlesque thriller. Incredibly suspenseful, with a fast-paced style that does not relent until the final word, Silent Victim vocalizes the dreaded question inside all of us: ‘what are my loved ones capable of?’

Sometimes murder isn’t the worst answer…

If you fancy checking out Silent Victim for yourself, just click on the picture below:





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