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Publication Day – The Perfect Mother

A day in the life…publication day.

My twelfth book, The Perfect Mother, was published today.

I’ve been asked what it’s like for authors when their book finally launches. Well, today began like any other – I began with the glamorous job of cleaning my son’s football boots before he went to school. I think he brought home half the school pitch. I’m meant to be editing my fourth Amy Winter thriller, plus I started a diet yesterday – that was definitely bad timing on my part as the most gorgeous gift showed up at my door from my publishers, Thomas & Mercer. So the diet was abandoned for the day and I thoroughly enjoyed the chocs and bubbles that arrived. The flowers were also gorgeous and things were going so well that my husband and I decided to keep up my tradition of fish and chips on publication day. (I didn’t need much persuading.) We went to the Pier One restaurant in Frinton and the food was delicious.

When I returned I was greeted with another lovely bouquet of flowers, this time from my agent, Madeleine Milburn, congratulating me on my publication day. Victor, my French Bulldog was very enamored by the flowers and seemed to think they were for him. It took me a while to explain that they weren’t edible!

For the rest of the day, I’ve been checking and updating my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds. I’ve also been keeping an eye on my Amazon rankings and reviews too. The blog tour has been great to read, as bloggers post their reviews on the book. I’m truly grateful to everyone involved in supporting me on publication day. If you’re interested in downloading the book, you can buy it here.

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  1. I am loving the Amy Winter series. You have a way of writing that it’s tantalizing and definitely exciting.

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