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She just wants to be loved…

All Lucy wants is to be reunited with the woman that abandoned her as a baby. But the ones that she finds keep disappointing her. 

So she has no choice but to hurt them, just like she has been hurt …  Walking a tightrope over madness and obsession, Lucy will stop at nothing to find the perfect mother.  

Enter DS Ruby Preston. Uncompromising and tough, but the life and soul of the office, she and her team will stop at nothing to solve the brutal murders.

But faced with a killer who has left a trail of corpses in her wake, Ruby has to understand a twisted logic that leads Lucy to murder, in the quest for the perfect family. 

And worst of all, Ruby has to contemplate the fact that the clues to the killer’s identity might lie in her own past. 

To catch a murderer, Ruby has to face her own demons – but soon, Ruby realises that Lucy is watching her every move. 

Love turns to hate as Ruby is next on the list, and she becomes the focus of a killer with nothing left to lose …


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